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Established 1981
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Cars not covered by the Fairlane Club include:


1955-61 Fairlanes. These were full-sized Ford cars and the Fairlane name referred only to a trim series of the full-sized Ford. They are supported by a variety of other clubs. The Fairlane Club was established specifically to support only the intermediate-sized Fords which were first introduced in 1962.


1960-65 Comets. These cars are compacts and based on the Falcon chassis. Although the Falcon Club of America does not recognize coverage of these cars as of yet, the Comet East Car Club does.


1966-70 Falcons. Although these cars share many common components with 1966-67 Fairlanes, these cars are supported by the Falcon Club of America.


1971-77 Comets. These cars are compacts based on the Maverick chassis and are supported by the Maverick/Comet Club International, Inc (abbreviated as MCCI), and Comet East Car Club.


Clubs that cover cars not supported by the Fairlane Club of America include:


57 Fords International Club
Covers only 1957 Fords


Fabulous Fifties Ford Club of America
Covers 1949 to 1960


Crown Victoria Association
Covers 1954-56 Fords


Maverick/Comet Club International (MCCI)
Covers all 1970-77 Mavericks and 1971-77 Comets


International Ford Retractable Club
Covers 1957-59 Skyliner


Y-Block Club
Covers 1954-1962 Fords & Mercurys with Y-Block V8s

Galaxie Club of America
Covers 1959-1974 Galaxies


Comet East Car Club
Covers 1960-77 Comets and 1962-63 Meteors


Falcon Club of America
Covers 1960-70 Falcons/Econolines